Our investigation services include:

Contacting the client about the paranormal activity in question. Contacting witnesses and documenting their accounts. Getting permission to investigate the site where the paranormal activity occurred. Moving in to investigate with our wide array of investigation equipment . Reviewing evidence collected at our location. Compiling a report consisting of written and DVD evidence to support or debunk claim. Meeting with the client to discuss our findings and our conclusion of the activities in question. Providing our clients with a plan of action to remedy the activities if needed.

This is a learning process for all parties involved. We do not charge for our services because we have other jobs and this service is not steady enough to provide our staff with a secure income. Since we do not depend on our service for income, we do not charge for the service to provide income. We also must schedule our service to allow our staff to the chance to participate in maximum numbers in order to provide a more thorough investigation.

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