We are currently in the making of an interesting series. We have recorded and produced some videos that are RT-EVPs with an entity that goes by the name of "Steven". We have named our series "The Steven Chronicles". It is actually many smaller videos that are subject related and then we conduct an EVP session with "Steven" and we ask all of the questions we have in that subject area. Right now, we have 4 subject areas, 1) The Who, 2) The Physics, 3) The Faith, and 4) The Connection. We are currently in the process of preparing questions in these subjects. Our goal is to have a minimum of 50 questions prepared in each topic. We have had success with previous EVP sessions. If you are interested with assisting in the making or material preparation for the shows, Please feel free to contact us. We can always use the assistance of others, and credit will be given to those who help with any part of our programs.

Our program  The Steven Chronicles" will break down into 5 shows.

1) The Who- delves into who "Steven" is, and the what, why, where, and when. Our goal is to answer these questions and get an understanding of all the possibilities that make this concept real.

2) The Physics - We get an understanding of every detail there is about the "secret dimension" that "Steven" is in. We try to get answers about the physics of this dimension. The tastes, colors, textures, the gravity, the motion and how things function according to the laws of physics in this new dimension.

3) The Faith - Here we try to get a better idea of what religions if any, are correct of if there is a different belief here. We are accustomed to many religions, but which one is true? Are they all true? Is it possible that what ever your own belief is, happens to be the correct and true religion for you. What if religion doesn't matter? We try to get as much answers as we can on this subject.

4) The Connection - In this episode, we get an understanding how and why there is a connection between "Steven" and the initial RT-EVP investigator. Why has this individual been singled out by "Steven"? There has to be more to it then just coincidence. How was the investigators name even known by "Steven" if nobody even called out the investigators name. "Steven" must have known the individual much longer than the initial contact.

5) TBD- Subjects are still being discussed. If you have an idea for this show, please let us know. what your thoughts are. If you would like to assist us on every stage of this episodes conception, we would be happy to let you join our crew. Please send us your contact information. 

We can sure use your help!



Areas of Interest 

  1. Paranormal areas - (ghosts, spirit and related areas)
  2. Cryptozoology -  refers to the search for animals which are considered to be legendary or otherwise nonexistent by the field of biology.
  3. UFO/ Extraterrestrial   as unidentified air/spacecraft and/or life that does not originate from earth.


There are many areas that spark our interests. Some people spend their whole life seeking proof in these areas and never find or locate anything. Others spend their whole lives trying to avoid what they believe to be contact from one of these areas of interest. We try to assist others in identifying their situation. We have no problem getting other agencies/organizations involved if they are needed.

MUFON Mutual U.F.O. Network - http://www.mufon.com/

Cryptozoology - http://www.trueauthority.com/index.html  


Interesting Links

 http://edgrimsley.com/ - Ed has been watching the skies for decades, and has seen UFOs in what seems to be an intergalactic war over us, the earth.

http://www.coasttocoastam.com/ - George Noory and Art Bell discuss many areas that spark our interests. We recommend that you check out this site and listen to their nightly program once in a while.

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